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Superior ventilation for our most vulnerable patients.

The 204 “Jet” is our latest ventilator model. Bunnell sells, services, and rents the 204 LifePulse HFJV.


LifePulse HFJV Brochure

Bunnell Jet Ventilator 204

Here’s how Bunnell is better.

Our LifePulse 204 jet ventilator provides very small tidal volumes. When combined with short inspiratory times, this superior ventilation creates the lowest possible peak and mean alveolar pressures.

Gentle breaths from the LifePulse help prevent air leaks and even allow them to heal. The LifePulse allows for passive exhalation and enables the clinician to adjust the I:E ratio to optimize ventilation.


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Catalog #s 9025, 9030, 9035, 9045, 9055

The LifePort™ Endotracheal Tube Adapter provides easy access to High-Frequency Jet Ventilation.

Simply replace the 15-mm adapter on a standard endotracheal tube with the LifePort™ adapter and start high-frequency jet ventilation. The LifePort™ provides reliable pressure monitoring and effective jet gas delivery.

The 15-mm connector allows PEEP and “sigh” breaths from a conventional ventilator to be delivered in tandem with the high-frequency breaths from the Life Pulse®. This combined capability provides greater therapeutic flexibility and allows fine-tuning of the ventilator strategy to meet the patient’s specific needs.

The jet port on the side of the adapter redirects Life Pulse® breaths toward the lungs. The shape and velocity of these breaths enable them to deliver fresh oxygenated gas deep into the lungs using smaller tidal volumes and less pressure than conventional ventilators.

Patient Circuit

Patient Circuit Kit

Catalog #938

The HFJV Patient Circuit Kit contains all the disposable items necessary to provide a patient with high-frequency jet ventilation:
2 Life Pulse® HFJV Patient Breathing Circuits

The HFJV Patient Breathing Circuit is a one-piece disposable humidifier cartridge and patient breathing circuit that delivers heated, humidified gas from the ventilator to the patient for up to 7 days of continuous use.

6 LifePort™ Endotracheal Tube Adapters
• 2 each 2.5 mm
• 2 each 3.0 mm
• 2 each 3.5 mm​
• 4.5 and 5.5 mm can be special ordered

The LifePort™ Endotracheal Tube Adapter provides a convenient method of operating the Life Pulse® in tandem with a conventional ventilator.

patient box

WhisperJet Patient Box

Catalog #314

The Whisper Jet Patient Box makes the Life Pulse® High-Frequency Ventilator a uniquely effective mode of ventilation, by allowing the inhalation valve and pressure transducer to be placed close to the patient. This close proximity makes the small high-velocity breaths more effective and facilitates fast and accurate pressure monitoring. The result is a system that responds to changes in your patient, moment to moment.

  • Sealed Enclosure: Dramatically reduces noise and keeps fluids out
  • Connection: Now located on the front panel for easier access (not compatible with LifePulse 203)
  • Pressure Transducer: Positioned to minimize potential fouling
  • Pinch Tubing Capture: Designed to hold the pinch tubing more securely
  • Flexible Cable: Reduced stiffness allows for hassle-free placement

Optional Add-Ons

These optional accessories make using the LifePulse 204 easier and more convenient. To order these, contact customer support.


Pole stand cart

Pole Stand Cart

Catalog #605

The Pole Stand Cart includes a stable base, a tow handle, and a storage basket for holding additional supplies and manuals. This stylish and stable cart provides a smaller “footprint” and saves space at the bedside.

Bracket - Accessory for Pole Stand Cart (optional)

Bracket Accessory for Pole Stand Cart

Catalog #606

This mounting bracket slides easily onto the  pole stand cart crossbar to support a blender or conventional humidifier. No tools are necessary to install.

Durable Shipping Case (optional)

Durable Shipping Case

Catalog #704

Designed for the LifePulse® 204, this durable shipping case can be used for your transport needs. Custom foam inserts protect your equipment during shipping for delivery and service returns.