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Plan to attend the 2nd HFOV, HFJV, and Advanced Ventilation Course in Edmonton, AB.

In addition to lectures from world experts in mechanical ventilation, this course offers hands-on sessions including setting-up HFOV, HFJV and conventional ventilators, clinical scenarios, test lung demonstrations of lung recruitment, plastinated lungs, and animal laboratory demonstration.

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The Niese FamilyNieses

Kelly and David Niese have quite a story to tell. Their sons, Cooper and Deacon, were born prematurely and found themselves in a NICU fighting for their lives. Kelly and David tell their story in a series of videos that offer tremendous insights into the NICU experience.

These videos are now available in our Parents Page and will be a tremendous resource for parents of babies in your NICU. The Niese's address several of the challenges they faced and offer valuable insights into how to cope with the highs and lows of being a parent of a preemie.

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