bunnell gentle ventilation

High-Frequency Jet Ventilation differs from other methods, in critical ways.

Bunnell provides the gentlest form of ventilation, varying in important ways from High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation (HFOV) and High-Frequency Percussive Ventilation (HFPV).

comparing ventilators

Here’s how Bunnell’s High-Frequency Jet Ventilation compares to other high-frequency ventilators:


  • Passive exhalation
  • Uses a set I time
  • Auto-adjusts the I:E ratio based on frequency rate
  • Very small tidal volumes
  • Lowest peak / mean pressures


  • Push-pull action, active exhalation
  • Uses I time as %, not set
  • Not automatic adjustment


  • Passive exhalation
  • Uses I time as %, not set

Advantages of High-Frequency Jet Ventilation

Babies that are unresponsive to HFOV often improve with high-frequency jet ventilation.

Use of High-Frequency Jet Ventilation in Neonates with Hypoxemia Refractory to High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation

High Frequency Jet Ventilation In Neonatal Respiratory Disease Unresponsive To High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation